Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Salty Dog: Close-ups


I just finished my painting of Salty Dog Blues. On the left is a close up (Click to enlarge) Sitting on the corner with the lowdown blues, great big hole in the bottom of my shoes.

This is a wild painting featuring a variety of scenes including a little girl lifting the ocean to get her ball- the ocean turning into a giant wave and then becoming a green pasture with a wild hog running on it. A hunter standing on a giant hot dog and lifting his gun, has a finger on his trigger and an eye on the hog. Two old maids are sitting in the sand...each one is wishing the other was a man. It also features cameos of Miss California and Mel Gibson as well a hog running above a meat grinder! What did I leave out???

Here's the hunter standing on a hot dog, finger on the trigger and an eye on the hog. It looks the like the hog better be careful; he's running above the meat grinder!

More wild images! Two old maid sitting in the sand, each one wishing the other was a man. The little girl is lifting up the ocean to get her ball! The ocean turns into a green field with a hog running across.

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