Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bluegrass Messengers Vids


My youtube video project is still going strong. Mainly I'm focused on providing new arrangements of traditional songs and my "Learning to Play" series where I show you how to play traditional songs.

I've started using Facebook to network and have around 4,000 friends. I'm doing a daily Country/Bluegrass trivia which I'll start adding here if people want to participate.

This is the latest set of videos on YouTube:

Blackberry Blosssom: Bluegrass Messengers

Glory To The Meeting House: Bluegrass Messengers

Duck Chewed Tobacco: Bluegrass Messengers

Big Sandy River: Bluegrass Messengers

These are important versions because they are lyric versions of traditonally instrumental tunes. Hopefully other people will pick-up these versions and use them,

That's all for now,


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