Tuesday, March 2, 2010

John Henry- Full View

On the left is a photo I took of the whole painting (Click to enlarge). The quality of the photo isn't good but you can get an idea.

There are some gr8 scenes and in order to cram all this into one painting and add the lyrics- 9 verses, well- it wasn't easy.

Did I succeed? On some levels- yes. The individual scenes are good, not sure if I should have added the scenes in the rocks although they are more of an afterthought than a focus. I'm wondering if I should have added John Henry as a baby "sittin' on his Pappy's knee" with a piece of steel in his hand.

The overall seting is good- Oak Mountain. The trees and background above the tunnel are came out well. There's some light in the tunnel- making it a bit mysterious.

I tried do do a portrait of Col. Dabney next to the steam drill operator. It was a bit too small to do details, I don't have brushes small enough for this type of miniture.

Let me know what you think- check out the close-ups following,


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