Monday, October 25, 2010



My new company DigiMusiCam will be launching this week. We are working on the on-line lesson part of the company first. The company is dedicated to promoting the teaching of my friend and mentor Aaron Shearer. I've also started a video series, explaining and organizing most of the information from Aaron that I've used and developed.

Here's more info from the site:

DigiMusiCam About Us

DigiMusiCam was founded to promote music education by facilitating the teaching of music lessons worldwide over the internet using a laptop, webcam or similar device.Guitarist and educator Richard Matteson organized the company in 2010. Matteson has published over a dozen guitar and piano books with Mel Bay Publications.

His latest book, "Acoustic Music Sourcebook" available from or Mel Bay, reflects Matteson interest in traditonal American music. His last book, "Bluegrass Picker's Tunebook" has the history, melody and lyrics of 213 bluegrass songs. Matteson's goal is to elevate the level of teaching by promoting the concepts of his teacher and mentor, Aaron Shearer, which include ADM (Aim Directed Movement), the Four Principles of Efficient Muscle Function and Performance Development.

Matteson is hosting a video series titled, "Secrets of Learning the Guitar" which use many of Shearer's systems. The trial Digimuiscam videos are being aired on YouTube. Richard's Mel Bay book, "Right-Hand Arpeggio Studies" explores many of Shearer's concepts including alternation and sympathetic movement. This book and 'Bluegrass Piccker's Tunebook" are still availble from Mel Bay. Matteson's other books are still in print because they have been reissued by Mel Bay in digital form through

I'll be doing a series of posts on DigiMusicam,


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