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I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground info


You can check out my painting in my last blog. This blog will give you some information about "Mole in the Ground" with the first lyrics and some recordings.

The song "I Wish I was a Mole" is similar to many other songs from the mountains. It probably is closest to My Last Gold Dollar [Is Gone]. Gus Meade lists "Mole in the Ground" under "My Last Old Dollar" which is another old song that can be traced back to the 1800s. Other names of similar songs include "My Doney, Where Have You Been So Long," "Skipping Through the Frost and Snow," "Girls, Quit Your Rowdy Ways," "Alberta, Let Your Hair Hang Low," "Feeling Bad and Low," "Sammie, Where (Have) You Been So Long. "

Other songs like "New River Train" have the same form. It's also called "Darlin' You Can't Love But One."

Mole in the Ground is usually credited to Bascom Lamar Lunsford but he learned it from Fred Moody from Jonathan's Creek, NC. Moody's version was transcribed and published in 1921 with a tune provided in Frank C. Brown Coll. North Carolina Folklore, vol. 3, "Folk Songs from North Carolina," ed. Henry M. Belden and Arthur Palmer Hudson.

"The singer (Moody) was a student at Rutherford College in 1902. It seems quite clear that the stresses extending several measures beyond their normal length are due more to the peculiar temperament of the singer rather than to structural characteristics." P. 124-125, No. 173, The Music of the Folksongs, ed. Jan P. Schinhan, The Frank C. Brown Coll. North Carolina Folklore. A second score, from Miss Pearle Webb, Avery Co., also is provided, p. 126.


1. I wish I was a mole in the ground (2x)
If I's a mole in the ground I'd root that mountain down;
I wish I was a mole in the ground.

2. I don't like a railroad man; (2x)
A railroad man will kill you when he can
And drink up your blood like wine.

3. Oh, Tempy wants a nine-dollar shawl; (2x)
When I come over the hill with a forty-dollar bill
Oh, it's "Baby, where you bee so long?"

4. And it's "Where have you been so long?" (2x)
"I've been in the bend with rough and rowdy men."
"'Tis "Where have you been so long.?"

5. I wish I was a lizard in the spring; (2x)
If I's a lizard in the spring I'd hear my darlin' sing;
I wish I was a lizard in the spring.

6. Oh, Tempy, let your hair roll down; (2x)
Let your hair roll down and your bangs curl around;
Oh, Tempy, let your hair roll down.

Lunsford recorded the song in 1924 for Okeh which was the first recording. About the song Lunsford said, "The title of this mountain banjo song is 'I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground.' I've known it since 1901 when I heard Fred Moody, then a high school boy, sing it down in Burke County."

You can listen to Lunsfords recording here: http://www.archive.org/details/Mole

The song which a verse about mole and a verse about a lizard has been made into a children's song with all verses about animals and reptiles.

The "lizard in the spring" probably refers to the term "spring lizard," which is old vernacular for a salamander. Now the lizard is found in a tree. Other verses include:

I wish I was a trout in the creek....clear water I would seek.
I Wish I was a hawk in the sky.....I'd never wonder why.
I wish I was a frog in the pond...I'd sing the whole night long.

The girl in the song is Tempy (Tempie/Tempey), Kippy, Kimbi, Kempy and Bessy. I think it should be Tempy which is a nickname for the unusual name, Temperance.

Here's a recording of the song from 1928 by Amos Baker using Bessy: http://honkingduck.com/78s/listen.php?s=20207B

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