Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Maggie Close-Ups


Here are the close-ups of Little Maggie (Click to enlarge):

1) Full painting

2) Close-up of Little Maggie with a dram glass in her hand. She is standing on a deck, courtin' an unseen man.

3) Close-up of the sky, Little Maggie's face and eyes (stars), quoting this verse: "How can I ever stand it? For to see those two blue eyes, They're shinin' like the diamonds, Like the diamonds in the skies."

4) Close-Up of "marching down to the station."

5) Close-up of the lyrics

Hope you enjoy it. Reproductions are now on sale for only $40- with foamcore backing- ready to hang on the wall, no frame needed.

Email me or you can buy them with a credit card on ESTY.


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