Monday, February 28, 2011

Fiddler Magazine article out: Clayton McMichen- Early Years


On the left is my painting tribute to Clayton McMichen, "Pretty Little Widder." [click to enlarge]. The first part of my article Clayton McMichen: The early Years just came out in Fiddler Magazine. (Click to enlarge)

The article has interviews with Clayton's daughter Juanita (also Harry Bickle) and tells of his childhood, first band (Home Town Boys- with Lowe Stokes), up to the Skillet Lickers. It's a shortened version of my article which was about 25 pages long!! Hopefully they'll run the next part which features the last interview with Sim Byrant (who was 101 when I did a series of phone interviews with him), now deceased and the Louisville days with the Georgia Wildcats.

You can get info on picking up a copy from Fiddler Magazine:

McMichen moved to Louisville and was based here (in this area) for the rest of his life (around 1934 until 1970). He owned the Spring Street Bar and Grill a few houses away from my house on Spring St.

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