Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art show/Performance


I just had my art show opening yesterday and tonight I had my performance. I wish I could say it was a smashing success but it wasn't. I did get to meet several people that are important to me.

Lynn Tincher, local author, came to my opening Friday. She is a talented author and has a great personality. She's very helpful and positive. I've published ten books and sold quite a few- actually I've sold out of all my books but the last two. My latest book, "Bluegrass Picker's Tunebook" is still doing well. I talked to Lynn about publishing my 3 unpublished fiction novelettes. She is going to critique one of them sometime. Maybe this will get me motivated to find a fiction publisher.

Lynn sold several copies of her new book, Afterthoughts at the opening. I'm looking forward to reading her book soon. She also has a great newsletter. Writers may contact Lynn at

Tonight at the gallery I played the songs that my paintings are based on. I had two special guest performers. Josh Andrews played guitar and sang Molly and Tenbrooks. He has a strong voice and has an authentic country/bluegrass sound.

One thing I hoped for happened. Cari Norris came. Her grandmother is Lily May Ledford, who is featured in my painting Banjo Picking Girl. Not only did she come to the performance but she brought Lily May's banjo! She played and sang Banjo Pickin' Girl with me backing her on guitar. She's actually a good clawhammer picker and singer. What a doll. She even looks a bit like Lily May does in my painting.

Her husband and 5 year old Samuel also came. I think Samuel liked my version of Froggy Went A-Courtin'. It was great meeting them. Cari is also an artist working on a series of still life oil paintings. We have some pictures of the performance and her standing holding her grandmother's banjo in front of the painting.

Thnaks to everyone who came and helped.

Gotta run, more later.


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