Friday, October 24, 2008

Bluegrass Paintings


This is a close-up from my painting Banjo Pickin' Girl. It shows the raccoon pumping water in the ocean while a possum in a simmons tree watches. (click to enlarge)

Time for a commercial break from my series on Lily May Ledford: Banjo Pickin' Girl

The IBMA Bluegrass Blog has done a short feature on me and my paintings:

The goal of this site is to give information about bluegrass and old-time songs. My paintings started in 2006 tell the story of bluegrass song lyrics.

I am selling prints of these paintings and the originals. To buy my prints with pay pal or a CC you can go to my ETSY store:

You can also just email me: I'm always looking for ideas to do a new bluegrass painting.

Right now I'm working on "Mole in the Ground." Someone wants me to do "Red River Valley" so I'm going to start that next week.

You can see the paintings here on my blog and read about the history of the songs. I'm also writing an article about my painting "Bury Me Beneath the Willow."



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