Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Banjo Pickin Girl

This Blog will show detailed images from the painting, Banjo Pinckin' Girl that I showed in my first Blog.

The Coon Creek Girls actual song can be heard here:

There are other additional lyrics that I didn't include in my picture. The great thing about this song is that you can write your own lyrics. All you have to do is pick a destination (or a state) and rhyme it at the end of the third line.

In the first close-up as an added touch of humor I painted a possum in a persimmon tree watching a raccoon pump the water in the ocean. Without the raccoon the ship would have no ocean to sail on!

The next close-up shows Lily May and the doorway that opens to the world. The next close-up shows the lyrics.

The Banjo Pickin’ Girl lyrics offer the image: Goin’ ‘cross the ocean, baby mine. The sky from the previous image (Goin’ To Tennessee) turns into the rocks and the ocean froth. Crossing the ocean is a small sailing vessel.

The last close-up shows her riding to Tennessee. The lake is in the shape of that state.

Hope you like the images and the painting. If you want more info please e-mail me.



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