Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Granddaughter of Banjo Pickin' Girl


Just when you think life can't get any weirder, it does. The granddaughter of Lily May Ledford who is featured in my painting Banjo Pickin' Girl, is coming to my art show. Her name is
Cari Norris and she lives in Louisville. I knew nothing about her when I started the painting last year when I lived in Illinois. One of my banjo pickin' friends mentioned that she lived in Louisville. I picked up the phone book and called her tonight. She is coming to the opening of my art show this Friday:

THE HIGGINS MAXWELL GALLERY on 1200 Payne Street, Louisville, Ky 40204 will present
American artist Richard L. Matteson Jr. from Oct. 10 until Nov 1. The show will open with a reception 6:00- 9:00 PM on Oct. 10.

Above is my painting (for details see my earlier blogs). I sold one reproduction of this on-line already. Cari Norris had already seen the painting when I dropped it off at Amazing Grace Whole Foods to be displayed for a while.

Small world! I can't wait to talk to Cari about her grandmother.

Details later,


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